Wednesday, 31 May 2017

30 Things Before I Turn 30

I recently wrote my 20 things I want to do before I turn 20, which made me think about the things that I want to do before I turn 30. These things are slightly more ambitious but honestly, I think achievable. Here they are:

1. Bungee Jump

2. Hot air Balloon

3. Get my Dive Ticket

4. Visit Every continent

5. Have lived for at least 3 months in another country,

6. Travel somewhere that speaks a different language.

7. Run a marathon

8. Own a pair of 'Christian Louboutin' shoes.

9.  Buy a house or investment property

10.  Finish my BA

11. See 'Bring me The Horizon' live. The are my current favorite band and they came to New Zealand this year and I didn't get to see them which I am extremely bummed about.

12. Learn a language 

13.  Get my 3rd tattoo and maybe 4th and 5th.

14. Try surfing. ~my balance is $hit so I know how this will turn out~

15. Travel somewhere alone.

16. Swim with sharks.

17. Learn to play the Piano ~again~

18. Create a family tree.

19. Splurge on a once-in-a-lifetime meal

20. Test drive my dream car.

21. Watch a meteor storm.

22. Climb a mountain 

23. Eat something that repulses me (Like exotic not vomit worthy)

24. Go to a music festival

25. Go on a date with someone totally, not my type.

26. Pay off my student loan. 

27.  Go on a spontaneous holiday.

28. Go to the boxing day races.

29. Volunteer on Christmas Day

30. Take a flying lesson.

What are things you want to do before your next big birthday? Have you done any of these things or want to do any of these things? 
Let me know in the comments below. 

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

My Three Favourite Blogs

I love blogging and I love reading other peoples blogs. I go through phases of what kind of blogs I like and read however these are my current three favourites that I am in love with.

1. Nerd About Town
I started reading Stephanies blog probably around 8 months ago. I have loved it ever since, she posts about everything from confidence to fashion and beauty. Stephanie is one of the many bloggers I aspire to be like. She is beautiful and the honesty in her posts is appreciated. She speaks the truth about her own vulnerablilities and honestly she has been a huge motiviation for me to keep blogging and has helped massively with my personal confidence.

2. Life as Lois May 
I feel like Lois Mays' blog and mine are similiar in many ways. we blog about similiar things and we are also both students the only massive difference is the fact that her flatlays are significantly better than mine. Lois May is relatable and definitely one of those people that seem truelly genuine.

3. Poppy Deyes 
I feel like I couldn't write this list without adding Poppy to the mix. I have no doubt that you have probably come across Poppy's blog. She's definitely one of the bigger bloggers out there and for a very obvious reason her content is intereting, relatable and her flatlays are beautiful.

I obviously could've added another ten bloggers easily to this list however I wanted to keep this one short and sweet.

Do you want to know more of my favourite bloggers? Do you love any of these bloggers as much as I do?
Let Me Know In The Comments Below.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Why I'm studying Politics and Some Questions For You.

Okay, as you may know, I am doing my BA majoring in Politics and Psychology. I have spoken about why I am studying psychology so many times and I am sure you all know why however I never speak about politics on here or on any public space mainly because it is a huge argument starter and I'm not into that. The reason I decided to study politics was to understand the world ewe live in more and how it works. At the end of the day, most of us have the decision whether we vote or not and while I have always understood that it is important to exercise that right it doesn't mean I have always understood how politics works but not only that what happens in terms of politics internationally.

I think politics is best defined as "Politics is both everything and nothing" and I think it is important to acknowledge that it is what we make it.

Politics is also closely related to security, We are seeing that at the moment with Trump and North Korea and so today I have a few questions that I would love for you to answer in the comments below.

I have an assignment for one of my politics classes at the moment that requires me to get other people's opinions on politics/security and thus I have some questions for you all.

What is security to you? This may be on a personal scale or internationally.

Do you trust your government to make decisions on issues that could affect the security of your country? why or why not?

Do you feel 'safe' in your everyday life? why or why not?

Do you think politics and security should be so entwined?

Do you think political diplomacy is the best solution to security risks such as North Korea or is a more violent approach necessary?

Feel free to answer these questions below I would love to know what you think.


Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Easy Healthy Breakfasts with Recipes

Being a uni student and just an all round useless person when it comes to eating proper meals and eating breakfast I have decided to share with you some of my favourite breakfasts, that often I meal prep and the beginning of the week and enjoy throughout the week so I don't have to worryaboutt missing a meal.

Egg "muffins"

I am not really a fan o solid food in the mornings however if i am working night shift I like to have something to eat before I go to uni (or bed).

Serves 6

6 Eggs
Mixed Veggies

1. Preheat oven to 180C Bake. Whisk the eggs until they are smooth.
2. Pour the whisked egg into a muffin tray.
3. Add as many mixed veggies as you desire to the muffin tins and sprinkle with a little paprika.
4. Bake for 15mins or until egg is cooked through.
5. Enjoy.

NB: If you are meat eater you can add bacon, I put this around the outside of the muffin tin and pour the egg and veggies in the centre.


I love this one for mornings I want something a little more substantial you can also do the same thing as the instruction or you can chuck all the ingredients in a pot on the stove and make a delicious porridge and maybe pop some honey on top as well.

1 cup Almond Milk (or whatever milk you want, I prefer to use a non-dairy milk)
1/2 Cup Oats
150gms Mixed berries

1. leave the oats in the milk overnight to soak. (This isn't necessary however it means the oats are a little finer and creamier)
2. Chuck everything in a blender or Nutri-bullet or whatever you want in order to blend it all together to create a delicious drink.

NB: for a slight variation you can add coconut to the top or instead of turning this into a drink turn it into a porridge with all the same ingredients in a pot on the stove. If i do this I add about 1/4 Cup of shredded coconut to add a little more flavour.

Green "Juice"

I have juice on quotation marks because well I just shove everything in a blender and it could also be called a smoothie but whatever.

Serving: At least 2

1 Cup Spinach
1 Cup Kale
2 Bananas
1 Cup Pineapple (or you can substitute this with pineapple juice although I find it is too sweet)
2 tsp Chia Seeds
4 tsp Spirulina powder
2 tsp Cinnamon
Water or coconut water

1. Chuck everything in a blender
2. blend.
3. Enjoy

NB: Sometimes it can be a little chunky depending on how many bananas you use and how much water etc so often I put everything in like above, then when I pour it into my glass I fill the glass half way and add water the rest of the way.

What are your easy go to breakfasts? Have you tried any of these?
Let Me Know In The Comments Below.

Please note due to exam season and various other projects I am currently doing I will only be doing one blog post per week until July, then it will be back to the regular three times per week.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

May Life Update: New Job, Exams, Blogging & What's Next?

Honestly I wasn't going to write this post becasue I didn't want to. Life has been crazy lately.

What have I even been up to?

  • Uni Assignments
  • Started a new job
  • studying for Exams
  • Secret project
I would also like it noted several friends have called me crazy for having the schedule I have but i wouldn't change any of it for the world.

Uni & Exams
Uni this month hass been crazy, I have three essays due on the same day, another two the week after that and exams in a few weeks. I feel stressed and moody. I have to get decent grades this year as well in orde rto get into post-grad so that is a whole lot of added pressure. I am also going to do a blog post soon on why I chose to go to uni  and also what i want to do after uni. The reason I am goin gto write a whole blog psot on this topic is because it has changed so much and ove rthe last month I hve made some big decsion (which I am still notcertain on) and I want to share with you guys as my readers what my fears are and what I am excited for in the future.  I also have exams coming up so I have been busy preparing for them.

New Job
If you follow me on twitter you will know that I have started a new job. It sort of came out of no where I applied for a job months ago and I didn't hear back so thought nofting of it, I ha also since got another job although it was garnateeed hours which made thigs difficult. I then got a call last week for another position at this company (after a week of calling eachother bak nad fourth getting voicemal) that I appie for mothns ago and they asked if i could come in for an interview the next day, I did as my attitude was very much what's the harm. I went to the interview honestly, with the mindset I wasn't going to get the job, and well I was worng they offered me the job on the spot and I started a couple of days after. I also had a phone call that same week about another interview which I then cancelled because in all honesty I was not interested in that job at all. Thus I ahve started a new job and about an hour ago i got a message asking if  i was interested in another job, I have literally had job offers all ove rht eplace however I like the job I am currently in and thus the job offer i got a few hours ago will stay at just a job offer.

That's all I can really talk about in terms of the secret project once I am able to talk about it I will, it is hugely personal and very exciting. 

What's Next? 
  • 1 post per week until July ( I will now be publishing posts on Wednesdays at 8pm NZST)
  • Continued Mental Health Series
  • Potentially vlogs if you guys want to see them??
  • Relationship Series
Would you like to see vlogs? What are you most excited about?
Let me know in the comments below.

Next Post: Easy Healthy Breakfast Recipes (17th May 8pm NZST)


Sunday, 7 May 2017

My Everyday Autumn Make Up Bag

These are the products I currently have and use in my everyday make up bag, I am obsessed with all these products and have used most of them for quite a while.

Nutrimetics Blushing Face Palette:
I have talked about this product before you can check it out here on my 'Everyday Make up Favourites' post, here on my 'Creating A Cruelty Free make up Bag' post and here on my 'December 2016 Favourites' post.

Za Perfect Action Mascara Snudgeproof
I have talked about this product before you can check it out here on my 'Everyday Make up Favourites' post, here on my 'Creating A Cruelty Free make up Bag' post and here on my 'January & february 2017 Favourites' post.

L.A. Girl Matte Flat finish Pigment Gloss Rebel
I am currently obsesssed with this lip product and the colour of it. I have always like dark, bright ~I know that doesn't really make sense~ lip colours like this and I love the matte look. I did go through a  nude phase last year but I have gone back to dark colours and I am truly in love with this.

Covergirl ready Set Gorgeous Light
I have talked about this product before you can check it out  here on my 'Creating A Cruelty Free make up Bag' post. Although I will not be pruchasing this product again I to currently like using it and i really life the formula they use.

Rimmel London Lasting Finish 103 True ivory
I have talked about this product before you can check it out  here on my 'Creating A Cruelty Free make up Bag' post. I also will not be repurchasing this product however I love the formula and the coverage this foundation gives.

Elizabeth Arden Lip Pencil Orchid
I love this lip pencil, I use this under the matte 'lipgloss' to give a little moisture and to give the lip colour a little bit of brightness, it also makes my lip colour last a lot longer.

What make up products do you use everyday? Do you use and love any of these products?
Let me know in the comments below

Friday, 5 May 2017

Dear Future 30 Year Old Me

I published a blog post last week of 20 things I want to do before I am 20 and writing a letter to my 30 year old self was on the list so here I am writing this letter!

Dear 30 year old me

When you are reading this it is going to be the year 2028 and honestly that sounds like some time travel scary future place, but if you have survived this long you have done well. I have also just turned 19 about a week ago so you are still young and naive.

I have so many questions!! Are you doing psychology or have you decided to do politics? Maybe something completely different? Do you still have your blog? Are you in a relationship? Are you married? You wanted to get married at 30 and engaged at 28, did that happen? Do you have kids, honestly I would be suprised if you do because at the moment you are unsure when or if you want kids but definitely not before 32. If you are married to who? Do I know them now? I would be suprised if I do know them  although there are some potential contenders ;)

Right now I am sitting in bed with freshly painted nails, cramps and whole lot of unnesacery make up on. Have you mastered painting your nails yet, we have always been crap at that. So I stopped writing this letter last night and i resuming writing now instead of finishing my politics essay, but i am drinking tea and eating popcorn so it's a goodnight. At the moment you have so many aspirations I hope you get to fulfil them and you have achieved everything in your career that you have wanted to.

You have been through so much in your life, both things you talk about and things you don't, I hope you see all those things as lessons and don't hold any regret towards the events and people in your past. I hope that you anxiety has continued to improve and your depression is still under control. I hope you are truly happy and you have embraced the good and the bad.

Have you had your heartbroken yet? You've been through some crao break ups at the moment but honestly you've never had your heart broken. You have also loved someone but never been in love, has that changed? Honestly, in terms of relationships I hope you ae just happy wether you are with someone or you are alone. Right now, you have a little flirtation with a guy (I know i don't have to say his name because you and I both remember who) but you also don't want a relationship with him because well you don't want a relationship. You don't want a relationship at the moment for several reasons; relationships are scary, and honestly you do not have time. but he is a lovely guy and honestly you have done well there.

I know this is a short letter but I hope you are happy and you have got to experience all the things you have wanted to.

your 19 year old self


Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Health & Fitness Changes I Have Made

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