Wednesday, 22 February 2017

25 Money saving Tips

I am a university student and therefore I will do almost anything to save money, I also planning on moving to another city in three years time and because I am into planning for my goals at the moment (thanks to my passion planner) I am already saving for that. I have also gone through my monthly accounts and cut out the things that I really don't need, and reduced other things that I don't use to its full potential, I also looked into other subscriptions services and it was going to cost me more to cancel it but while requiring about cancelling it they have given me two months free and I've decided I will keep this subscription (It is important to note I do use this service, but it isn't a necessity if it would have been better, in the long run, I would have cancelled it), I am also going to be maximising this subscription potential further as I have not been doing so at the moment.

1. Plan out your meals, this way you know what you're having and when and you'll avoid eating out.
2. Cancel Subscriptions you don’t need anything from Netflix (I know, but do you really need it) to magazine subscriptions
3. Reduce monthly expenses. I recently reduced my phone account by $50 a month and it took about $20 Minutes to do it, that’s  saving of $600 a year.
4. Walk. When you need to just go down the road walk instead of drive, you will feel better for it ad you won't be wasting money on petrol.
5. Make a herb garden. Fresh herbs can cost around $3 per bunch of fresh herbs but if you buy a plant they are $3.99 and they keep giving you produce,

6. When going shopping look at what you want, then walk away and wait 24 hours if you still want or ‘need’ that item then go and buy it but make sure you really need/want it first.
7. Plan your meals, so you know what you're buying what you go to the grocery store and you don’t buy the wrong things.
8. Get cash out, and that is the money you have to spend for the week. This way you are aware of how much you are spening and what you are spending money on
9. Buy drugstore make up, I know it kills me to write this as much as I love my high end brands, it is cheaper to buy dugstor ena dyou can often find dupes for your favourite products. Ehen you are buying high end products do your research and make sure it is a product that you love and will you.
10. Join a library or swap books with friends, this will save money buying new books and most public libraries are free.

11. Stop wasting food, if you made too much freezer it, and all those off cuts of things make a stew or soemtihng at the end of the week with them.
12. Rather than eating out or ordering in cook your food, if you think you wnt have time cook head of time, and freeze it.
13. Stop buying take away coffees. If you really need a flat whte buy the ones in the packets from the supermarket its still more expensive than istant but its cheaper han buying a café flat whute everyay
14. Wash your clothes on cold it will save on hot water.
15.  Buy a reusable drink bottle rather than a bottle of water when you go out this way not only are you helping the planet you will also save on buywater
16. cancel your gym membership. Even if you go to th gym its cheaper to google a hiit workout on youtube, you will also save time and money getting ot the gym.

17. Track your money, have a notebook or even in the notes section of your phone write down everything you buy and how much it costs, keep those receipts so you know what you are buying.
18. Rather than going out invite your friends over, and everyone bring a dish.
19.  Don’t buy Premix alcoholic drinks. A pack of four to six premixes are around 10-$20 A bottle of Vodka can be around $40-$60 yes that costs more but you also get a lot more drinks from it and you can change things up with different flavours and have fun trying new things.

20. More veggies less meat. Its cheaper
21. Buy cheaper clothes, the world wont end if you don’t buy that $100+ jacket and believe it or not places like Kmart can actually have some nice pieces that often aren’t over $20 when shopping at martI wont buy one item of clothing over $10 often its less and I have gotten a few tops for just a few dollars.
22. Pay for things on time, late fees are annoying.
23. Park in the right place, nobosy likes fines and ont go over the spee limit speeding tickets aren’t any fun either.
24. Paint your own nails, don’t get manicaures.
25. Stope being lazy and make stuff rather than buying it.

What are your top ti[s for saving money? Are you going to give any of these a go?
Let me know in the comments below.



  1. My top tips for saving money are packing lunch (and snacks!) for work and calling my service providers on the regs to ask for lower rates.

    1. Yes packing lunches, such a good tip! I rarely buy my lunches somewhere else. I also bring them
      - Dominick (

  2. Thank you so much for these tips! I'm starting university in April and am going to have to start saving money. Thanks so much for sharing.

    - Dominick (

    1. Good luck for uni, I definitely spent more than I should of in my first 6 months my biggest advice is have a budget each week!

  3. It's quite shocking how much money you can spend on takeaway coffees, restaurants and university books! I've started cooking more at home, reduced drinking sodas and coffees. I have also saved by taking the longest possible gym membership - if you really go there five times a week, you can save some hundreds yearly by taking 1-2 year plan instead of paying monthly. Thank you for sharing these tips! :)

    Nora /

    1. it definitely is shocking, I added up the amount I have spent on coffee and I was so mad at myself! Also, great tip about the gym, thanks for sharing that!

  4. I love freezing desserts! It helps me not eat as much and it helps my spontaneous sweet tooth.
    Abbie E.

  5. Wow thank you so much on this tips. :D
    My biggest problem is definetly wasting food and I know how much I could spare money if i start to avoid takeaway coffe and sometimes eating in restourants. :)

    1. SAME! The amount of money I would have saved if i cooked instead!

  6. So many great tips I've started meal planning and it really does help to save of wasting food and being healthier! xx

  7. Some really great tips here, I'm a student and always on the look out for money saving tips. I've started eating a lot more veg as well as planning out my weekly meals so that I'm only buying the essentials!
    Emily xx


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