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Lois May Blogger Interview

A while ago I wrote a blog post on my favourite bloggers, this is an interview with Lois May which was featured in that blog post. 

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What made you get into blogging?
I started to follow a lot of blogging and YouTube influencers on Instagram and Twitter, got interested in their content and saw smaller bloggers engaging with this content. I was interested in the blogosphere after being exposed more to it and decided that I wanted to take it up as a hobby. I originally set up a blog during my second year of University but didn’t take it seriously so deleted it. I regret this now as I would love to go back to the blog posts that I wrote. I started to get seriously into blogging at the beginning of my final year studying. I have an interest in the marketing career field as a potential career choice so thought that a blog would help my chances of gaining experience to start off with. I then realized I enjoyed it more as a hobby than a work experience.

In one sentence how would you describe yourself?
I would say that I am people smart, I am quite rational and see two sides to every story, even if I don’t agree with both sides.

In one sentence how would you describe your blog?
My blog is a personal outlook into my life as I deal with content surrounding lifestyle, beauty, dating, relationships health, fitness, wellness and university; this is why I titled my blog LifeAsLoisMay as I knew I wouldn’t stick to one blogging niche.

What is the most interesting blog-related thing you have done/accomplished?
I don’t think that I have accomplished much with my blog at the moment because I have only been blogging for five months. However, off the top of my head I would say that I am most proud and overwhelmed with the amount of positive feedback I got with my ’12 things every bisexual girl hears’ post. It is currently my top viewed blog post and a lot of people who also belong to the LGBTQ+ community have shown it a lot of support and given their personal opinions on the subject matter.

I think that my sexuality content has shown the most personal feedback and shows that my experiences are an accomplishment, allowing me to express myself.

What do you enjoy writing about most on your blog?
I love writing content about sexuality and relationships the most at the moment. Of course some days I will want to do more beauty related content but I enjoy reading sexuality/relationship/dating posts the most and these are what I enjoy writing about.

What is one thing you wish you knew when you first started blogging?
I wrote a post about things I wish that I knew before I started blogging and the thing that I wish I knew the most was how much time is taken up by blogging as a hobby. I love blogging and I think that the behind the scenes of blogging comes naturally to me, due to studying marketing and working in media environments, but it just takes a lot of time and effort. I love blogging but I do find that it can be a little overwhelming sometimes with the amount of effort needed to keep on top of it all.

What post are you most proud of?

  • 12 things every bisexual girl hears
  • 30 thoughts students have in their final term of Uni
  • The excitement of a new partner
  • Balancing Blogging and University
  • My love/hate relationship with dating apps
  • What I have learnt from blogging

Where do you see your blog in 5 years’ time?
I have always had basic expectations of where I would be with anything in x amount of years time. Of course, I would love my blog to be read by more viewers and to influence more content creators like they do to me.

When you first started blogging did you see your blog going in the direction it has?
I started my blog thinking that I was going to be a ‘lifestyle blogger’ because that is what I saw a lot of bloggers say that they were. I quickly realized that I wanted to tackle all varieties of topics. I would give someone the advice to not follow the trends of what they think is good but write about what they would want to read.

Do you ever feel anxious about posting certain posts, especially when it comes to your dating posts?
Of course, I have felt anxious about publishing certain blog posts when it comes to my dating life. I think that ones such as the ‘life update #4 | I’ve forgotten how to date’ is all fun and games but the more recent ones where I mention a current partner and my experiences of this relationship is a little overwhelming to publish. I am very private, never mention names or post pictures of partners, even friends for that matter so I am not anxious that I am giving away too much information. I do think that some of the posts may help others though as I think my experiences might give someone the advice they may be looking for.

Lastly, what is the one piece of advice you would give to new bloggers?

As I said a couple of points back I would give someone the advice to not follow the trends of what they think is good but write about what they would want to read. In the early stages of blogging I was thinking of creating posts that were just the trends of other content creators but found that I had ‘writers block’ because I simply didn’t want to write content about those things. I wanted to write about dating, sexuality and life updates. I enjoy reading this content so created my own from personal experiences.

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