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Why I'm studying Politics and Some Questions For You.

Okay, as you may know, I am doing my BA majoring in Politics and Psychology. I have spoken about why I am studying psychology so many times and I am sure you all know why however I never speak about politics on here or on any public space mainly because it is a huge argument starter and I'm not into that. The reason I decided to study politics was to understand the world ewe live in more and how it works. At the end of the day, most of us have the decision whether we vote or not and while I have always understood that it is important to exercise that right it doesn't mean I have always understood how politics works but not only that what happens in terms of politics internationally.

I think politics is best defined as "Politics is both everything and nothing" and I think it is important to acknowledge that it is what we make it.

Politics is also closely related to security, We are seeing that at the moment with Trump and North Korea and so today I have a few questions that I would love for you to answer in the comments below.

I have an assignment for one of my politics classes at the moment that requires me to get other people's opinions on politics/security and thus I have some questions for you all.

What is security to you? This may be on a personal scale or internationally.

Do you trust your government to make decisions on issues that could affect the security of your country? why or why not?

Do you feel 'safe' in your everyday life? why or why not?

Do you think politics and security should be so entwined?

Do you think political diplomacy is the best solution to security risks such as North Korea or is a more violent approach necessary?

Feel free to answer these questions below I would love to know what you think.



  1. I am definitely not very involved with politics, but I will do my best to answer your questions! Security to me is being able to go about my day to day life without fearing my environment or those around me. I do not know if I really trust the government with decisions about the security of our country, but I know I have to. I just pray that they will have good sense when they make decisions. I DO feel safe in my day to day life. I am cautious about who I befriend and where I go, so I never put myself in dangerous situations. I feel like politics and security should not be intertwined, but I feel as if they are. I feel like I fear speaking my political fears because people can get aggressive if they believe something different, so I definitely don't feel secure in that aspect. I feel like people should learn to be less aggressive when they believe something different than others. I am not sure how to answer your last question. I hope these answers were at least kind of helpful!

  2. I'm in a weird position answering these because my family has been in DOE security my whole life, and now my husband is too. I generally trust the government...but not this administration. Not to stir up anything, but, well, we've all seen the news. The people actually doing security work, however, do a pretty good job. I think I'm not qualified to answer questions on North Korea. There's too many other countries involve for only US citizens to get a say.

  3. This is a really interesting post, and made me think about a lot of things. Security for me would mean waking up and not having to worry about basic things and my survival. Of course we have different types of security, like food security etc., but to put it in the most general way, I guess it means that security is a point where we don't our basic basic human needs and rights. The question about the government is also hard, because I come from Indonesia, and we have a long history of corruption. I guess it all depends on who is at the seat of power. A country needs a government and we NEED someone to sit on the chair. Unfortunately they are not the best people. Do I feel safe in my everyday life? I would be lying if I said "yes".

  4. I enjoy politics until certain point. I love debating over interesting issues. For me security, is the feeling of knowing that I don't have to watch my back all the time. Or not worrying if I locked or not the front door of my house. In general all about my physical well being. I am from Chile, so far, yes I trust my government. They take action fast if something bad happens. Although... there are some problems with our present immigration policies that for sure need to be updated. For everyone's security. I never think too much over my personal security. I do watch more around me when I know I'm walking in a not so good part of the city. But near my house I feel I can walk my dog during the night and I'll be alright. Yes! They should be entwined. Those are things that come together. I think diplomacy is a good solution. It might not be the answer for all problems but for sure is something where you can start. When something is getting serious and more dangerous then is necessary other tactics.

    I hope my answers can help you!

  5. I love the post & yes really made me think about the world around me.
    In my personal opinion, security to me would be within the world I live in my loved ones, the country & city I live in are protected by the whatever 'may' happen.
    In my honest opinion I'm from Australia, I actually don't really trust our government to make the right decisions based on the security for our country, unfortunately they have made us feel otherwise. In the past they have made mistakes in chances they've had to save lives of others by being to careful for their own sake.

    I do not feel safe in my every day life, definitely not. At home I do of course, the moment I leave I do not. As anything could really happen, we see it happening all over the world.
    I loved this post it's given me the opportunity to vent. Hope I've helped.

  6. I'm not very interested in politics in general. It's good that some people like you study it and can help maybe help the others by telling us why and how to vote and be involved if we want. I live in Finland which is really safe country in many ways so nationally I don't have to think security that much. However when traveling around the political situation of the destination country is something I always check and in some case it might have big effect on security.

    Nora /

  7. This is a really interesting post - I definitely don't know as much about politics as I should.
    To me, security is feeling safe and comfortable in the place I live, and not having to fear for what may happen.
    I live in the UK and in general yes I trust the government, after all we've voted them in and we get a good amount of say in what happens with referendums etc.
    I do feel safe in my life - I try and stay in safe areas and am always aware of my environment, and don't put myself in unsafe situations (at least I try not to).
    I do think politics and security are naturally going to be intertwined, while this brings about some positives and negatives.
    I don't think I know enough to answer the last question - sorry!

  8. A very interesting read. I also never discuss politics and religion because usually people get that so personally, I don`t on the other hand.

  9. Wow - you've got my mind spinning right now. I'm wanting to write thoughtful answers to your questions, but I'm really wondering what those things mean to me. Good luck on your project.


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