Friday, 24 March 2017

A Balanced Lifestyle

A balanced lifestyle is important and something that I am realising more and more. I haven't lived at home for over a year now and I have learnt a lot in that time. For example, exercise isn't optional ~I know, what right?~ but also that it isn't important that we have a balance of work and play. Right in this moment of time i am potentially the opposite of a balance life as I am writing this post at 2:10am and just finished part of an assignment about 20 minutes ago, but normally I am pretty good ~well, as good as someone my age can be~. One of my goals this year is too get my shit together, I told my sister this and she said you're only 18 you don't have to worry about that but I left school early and I have an amazing advantage to other people my age why would I waste the next ten years when i can get my shit together now and accomplish more later on. Part of getting my shit together is creating a healthy balanced lifestyle.

These are my top 5 tips on how to live a balanced lifestyle:

1. Plan. I am an obsessive planner so this come naturally. I find that planning and making lists of what I have to do helps my mind to relax a little and I have a everything I need to know in one convenient place.

2. Exercise. I know it can sometimes seen like a drag. Today, I didn't eat to go for a walk but I got changed put my shoes on and guess what I still didn't want to go, hopped in my car and drove to the park. Yep, you guessed right I still didn't want to go for a run. Every part of me wanted to go back to my car and get chicken nuggets, but i didn't I started running ~let's be real, its more of a slow jog~ and I still didn't want to be there after abut ten minutes I felt better and actually wanted to be there. It also has made me feel really god the rest of the day and it is important to get exercise everyday.


Wednesday, 22 March 2017

3 Day Social Media Detox Review

I thought I would do a quick post on how my 3 day social media detox went, please don't be too harsh in the comments.

Day One: I am writing this at 6:30 pm because I have finished everything I need to do for the day and its a miracle. I had so much to do and it is all sorted out, I have organised my life and I feel so good. Not going on social media has been hard don't get me wrong there are a few times I have automatically clicked on the FB app then immediately clicked out because I remembered I wasn't supposed to be on it. I know that I have a friend request and four notifications, that was about midday. Honestly, it isn't even stressing me out, although I am a little like what could they be in overly not too phased. This morning I was also like I use facebook for the news (I know really reliable) and when I couldn't I have had to download the news app on my phone and I am using that instead. It is definitely strange. Twitter it hasn't bothered me too much, however, snapchat has. I tend to overshare on snapchat although I have had things happen that I have been like this would be funny to put on snapchat and I can't. It is hard. I have also wanted to snapchat friends stuff and I can't so it'll have to wait until Wednesday when I can use social media again in order to send them the stuff. I have also found that I am getting things done a lot faster because I'm not getting distracted and scrolling through social media, it is definitely a great study tip. My mum also called me today and was like did you see my post on facebook and my reply was something along the lines of "nice to know you read my blog". I then told her that I'm not using social media for three days and she was both surprised and pleased but it also made me realise that if I want to stay updated on peoples lives social media is vital; that or I actually have to talk to them which well, that ain't gonna happen. There have also been times today where I have just stared at my computer screen not knowing what to do because I can't go on social media which has actually turned my day somewhat productive as I have cut out a whole lot of cardboard that I am going to make into flashcards, which definitely wouldn't have been done otherwise. Also, I am one of those people that while watching a tv series or a movie I will scroll through my phone looking at social media and I can't do that so I am constantly looking for things to do while I am watching whatever I am watching. Hello, colouring in books!

Day two and three: I am not going to lie I cracked. I lasted one day and it was over. I know I am ashamed to say that but I also wanted, to be honest. Although I did learn a few things. First, I realised how much time I spent on social media, I was more aware when using it and would make myself stop using it. Second, people who aren't on social media or don't use cellphones what do you do when ou don't want to talk to someone? Third, we spend way to much time online. The last few day I realised that I spend way too much time online particularly at night while I am lying in bed I will spend hours just scrolling through nothing really important. I have also realised how much I need to be doing more than one thing at a time, whether it is while I am watching Netflix, walking down the street (or across the road to uni) or if I am simply just waiting for my food to cook (or waiting for my Chinese food), I am constantly on social media and what is the real benefit?


Sunday, 19 March 2017

Skincare Tips

Skincare is something that is important and it should be. Today I share with you, my top skincare tips to have glowing, healthy skin.

1. Have a skincare routine and stick to it.
I have a skincare routine that I stick to morning and night. They are both different but equally important. It's important that I have one both in the morning at night because I wear makeup almost every day thus it is important to both prepare my skin when I am putting it on and making sure it is all off when I go to bed each night.

2. It isn't just about your face, your neck, shoulders, elbows and the rest of your body matters too!
Skincare isn't just about taking care of your face, it's also about the rest of your body. It's about shaving/waxing your underarms legs on the regular (If you do at all) not waiting for it to get crazy long, and moisturizing your legs, putting ointment on scars and everything in between skincare is about all of your skin not just your face.

3. Protect your skin ALWAYS.
Always wear sunscreen. I admit that I am not one that does this every day because I have oily skin and don't like how the two react, however, I am on the hunt for a face sunscreen that I can wear every day that will not cause me to breakout so leave your suggestions in the comments below!

4.  Stop eating processed sugar.
Sugar makes you feel gross and breaks out skin, try and reduce the amount of processed sugars you eat and as a result; your body and skin will thank you for it.

5. Dab don't push.
Don't push your skin in all sorts of ways in order to rub in creams. Be soft and lightly dab on creams and lotions or whatever else you put on your skin. This will ensure you don't get premature wrinkles

6. Drink water.
It's good for you and good for your skin.


Friday, 17 March 2017

25 Get To Know Me Questions Tag

As my reader, you can probably work a few things out and other things I have been moderately open about, but today I thought I would let you all know some of the more boring things about me.

1. What is your middle name?
My middle name is 'Margaret' which is where the name of my blog came from. It is also my aunt and grandmothers middle name.

2. What was your favourite subject at school?
This one is easy it was hands down history, I liked English as well but I love learning new things about history ad culture, so history takes that prize.

3. What is your favourite drink?
Okay, this is a complicated question. My favourite drink to get at a cafe is either a chai latte or flat white both with soy, no sugar. My favourite alcoholic drink is my amazing blueberry gin cocktail. I also love a good Chocolate thick shake but who doesn't?

4.What is your favourite song at the moment?
This one is super easy, follow you by Bring Me The Horizon. I love this song and I have for quite a while now.

5. What is your favourite food?
This one is hard, there is a specific hell Pizza that I love okay well I change like five things on it, but it is amazing. I am also a fan of a pasta salad that New World sell in the deli and I recreated it for tonight and it was amazing. I am also a big fan of my ginger salmon. I like food, can't pick a favourite.

6. What is the last thing you bought?
Boring I know, but I just did a grocery shop so groceries.

7. Favourite colour?
Grey, I really like grey at the moment.

8. Do you have any pets?
I have a cat named Louie, but he lives with my parents. My mum seems to think when I moved out he became hers but that is definitely not the case.

9. Favourite book?
This one is super hard there is lots of books I like and love. The book I am reading a the moment is 'mereChristianityy' by C.S. Lewis which is a really good read the book I have rea the most though is Love, Aubrey by Suzanne Lafleur altohuh i havent read that for a few years.

10. Favourite holiday?
I haven't travelled much but either Cairns in Australia, Niue, or the South Island of New Zealand.

11. Relationship Status?
haha, I mean have you read my blog, I am defnitely single.

12. Siblings?
One amazing sister she is 22

13. Favourite Restaurant?
This one is easy, I have only been there once but it is arestaurant in Whangarei call À deco and it has the most amazing food I have ever tasted, I took my sister there for her birthday last year and it was amazing.

14. When was the last time you cried?
About a week and a half ago, I was upset about sometihng but one of my mates were like get your shit togethor and it was all fine haha

15. Favourite TV Show?
Don't have one. I watch a lot of different genres of tv shows so its hard to be like this one. I really like homeland, every single marvel tv series ever created specifically jessica jones and I also really like young and hungry.

16. PC or Mac?
Mac hands down, I have had both and I prefer mac way more. Last year I had a small accident with my macbook (lets just say there was some soy sauce involved) and it resulted in me having to get another computer I went into the store and picked up another macbook, I didnt even look at any other computer I knew I liked this one and I had no intentions of changing yea they can be pricey but they are so wirth it!

17. Phone?
Iphone, I really like apple okay! I use to have a Samsung so before you go saying anything I have had multiple Samsungs and I like apple better its a personal preference thing so leave me alone. i also dont think i would go back to samsung soley now because I have invested to much money in apple I have had 2 macbooks, an iphone, apple watch and apple tv. i have had 4 samsung ohines and a samsung tablet anf I just wasnt feeling it.

18. Height?
I actually ahve no idea dome where between 5 and 6 foot I know not very precise but I dunno im average height.

19. Can you cook?
Yes, not to blow my own trumpet but I am an amazing cook ~most of the time~.

20. Kids?
Nope, maybe in the future (like more than ten years in the future).

21. Sarcasm?
YES. I am an incredibly sarcastic person which some people get tired of.

22. Eye Colour?

23. Summer or WInter?
Winter, I love the cold okay I love jeans and scarves and cuddling in bed with lots of blankets and drinking hot tea by the fire so winter wins by default.


Sunday, 12 March 2017

3 Day Social Media Detox

I like most people my age spend to much time on my phone and laptop. Most of this time is spent on Social Media apps and websites and while my blog and social media in many ways is my hobby and job it isn't always healthy so for the next seven days I am taking a social media detox, yes you heard that right. I have tried so many times to have a 'break' from social media and to just stay off of it but I can't. I am addicted and 3 days without social media is going to be hard (I know it's only three days but it will still be hard okay!). I am going to schedule everything blog related so that I have no excuse to be on social media and I am going to put Social Media apps on my phone into one file and turn off all notifications.

As humans, we often spend time looking at out phones, rather than having conversations. I find myself being consumed by social media. Rather than spending time on doing things fo myself, I spend hours scrolling through Instagram and facebook watching other peoples' lives. Which is crazy, that I spend time looking at other peoples' lives rather than improving my own life. Social Media is something that I have become so reliant on rather than getting somebodies number I add them on FB, it is so much more convenient. Last year I went through my facebook and I unfriended every single person that I don't talk to anymore or has no purpose of being my friend on facebook. I now have 130 friends and before I have 8oo and something which is somewhat of a massive difference. The people I now have as my friends on facebook are people I actually want to interact with and would go and get a coffee with, not people that were three years below me in primary school.

My biggest struggle I think will be twitter, facebook messenger, and Snapchat. I tweet almost every small event that happens, I tweet too much and I spend way too much time on twitter. Snapchat anybody that follows me on Snapchat (paigemwea) knows I overshare and spend way too much time on there. I post EVERYTHING, and I am the first to admit that nobody probably cares and it also isn't healthy. It is not healthy to feel that need of validation from other people let alone other people online.

I will not be using any of the following Social Media platforms (the only reason I will be using any of these platforms is for my blog) :

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Blogger
  • Pinterest
  • Whisper
  • Youtube (except to watch my workout videos)
  • general internet scrolling without a purpose

What I will be using:

  • Emails: Only work and uni-related emails, though. NO blog or personal emails.
  • Phone calls: although not technically social media  I thought I would add it to this list for clarification
  • texting: I will still be texting because I need a way of communicating with the outside world. Also, I have just moved back to the city that my uni is in so my mum finds it necessary to call at least once a day and text at least ten times. I also need to be able to text for work and to sort times out with my therapist. 
I am prepared to feel awkward in situations I would normally just look at my one. This is the first week back at uni, and I have looked at my class lists and I know nobody so that's going to be fun while everybody else is on their phones. *Deep Sigh* ~googles conversation starters~

I am excited and also terrified which I don't think is a good thing, I spend too much time online so the next week I will have to actually interact with other human beings in human form. I am writing this Thursday night (or Friday morning depends on what you define 1 am as) so I have time to find activities and things to do without the internet and social media, I will also be turning off notifications nad I think that is all. 

I hope from this one week off of social media I will get used to not checking my online 'life' every five minutes and thus will start to spend more time on me outside the seven days.

Wish me luck, please.

have you ever done anything life this? Are you going to join me?
Let me know in the comments below.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

January & February 2017 Favourites

1. Passion Planner
I am a planning and organizing obsessive! I bought this planner at the end of December and it arrived pretty quickly, which I was very impressed by. I have tried out different ways of using the planner and have found a prefered way, although it has taken sometimes I did like each way i have used it although I wanted it to look pretty as well. I love the passion planner both because of the design of the planner and because of the philosophy behind the planner. Go check out their website ad if you love the look of the planner as much as I do if you use the discount code: 'love10' you can get 10% off.

2. Apple Watch
I got an apple watch for Christmas, and have started to use it quite a bit I love all the features on it, particularly the fitness apps as they help to keep those new year resolutions on track. Although the better life could be improved it does the job. I also love the fact that I can answer phone calls on it as it is super handy when I am driving to and from Auckland and don't really want to pull over to answer a phone call. Yay, for handsfree!

3. ZA Mascara
This has become my new go to mascara it gives your lashes volume and length which is super hard to find in a good mascara. This is now my daily mascara and I am in love with it.

4. Duolingo website
This website has been awesome in helping me learn a new language, I have admiralty slipped in practising a new language because I have been so busy although this website has been awesome and there is also an app that I have downloaded on my phone although I am yet to check that out i am yet to use it.

5. Dove Shampoo
I have never liked a shampoo so much. I have oily but frizzy hair, fun combo i know. My hair always looks crap unless I have used heating tools which his extremely annoying. However, with the Dove shampoo I am still washing it every second day however it looks shiny and healthy and the frizz is a lot less. honestly, this is the best shampoo I have ever used and I have even purchased a second bottle which I need do with shampoo


Monday, 6 March 2017

Life Update: March 2017

We both know if you have read my other life update posts they are jumbled and often don't make sense so I have about ten or more points that I want to talk about so I have sub-titles and well here we go.

This may explain the week or two gaps in blog posts. I didn't intend on leaving such a big gap between the last post especially because of what that blog post was, which you can check out here. That blog post was also something that was very much an in the moment thing and I typed it up, copied and pasted the letter and pressed publish all within ten minutes. Okay, so what this is actually about I have moved back to Auckland and I am still getting in a routine although I have been down here for two weeks now and I love Auckland, however, I also can't wait till I have finished my BA so I can move cities. I love exploring new places and I definitely have the next two cities I want to live planned out, literally already started saving for my next move.

Started uni again
Okay, this semester is going to be super stressful although I am prepared for the stress.... well sorta. I am doing my second year of a BA double majoring in Psychology and Politics. It is a slight change from what I was doing although I am so far (I say this a week into this semester) loving it and I really enjoy learning and this semester I am doing papers that are all related to the politics part of my degree which I find a lot more challenging than psychology and something I really enjoy learning about. I have always liked politics and some people in my family are very strongly viewed when it comes to politics, it is also important to understand the politics that happens around us and what is happening so that is why I am doing politics.

I have had a few epiphanies hte last couple of weeks that i will probably talk about in the future so i won't so too much here.

Now lets talk my goals and resolutions

Fitness & Food
Ummmmm what was this new years resolution. Admittedly I have done minimum exercise in the three months more the last two weeks I haven't exercised which makes me a little mad ~awkwardly laughs~ that is something I definitely want to start doing and am going to start doing eeek okay in all seriousness I have put it in my planner for the week because I have a very busy week ahead of me.

The Unknown
I am learning to not convince myself to not do things, which is a process. i am also going to do a blog post on.

My Past
See my last post. umm this is something that I have struggled with and I am definitely learning to come to terms with it. There is definitely a huge part of me the last few weeks that has moved on more from that and I have definitely made a huge leap in improvement in my PTSD and anxiety.

Anxiety & Mental Health
This is something I am continuing on improving and my mental health has definitely improved so much, I have never felt better and my menta health is in the best place it has ever been so yay

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