Monday, 6 March 2017

Life Update: March 2017

We both know if you have read my other life update posts they are jumbled and often don't make sense so I have about ten or more points that I want to talk about so I have sub-titles and well here we go.

This may explain the week or two gaps in blog posts. I didn't intend on leaving such a big gap between the last post especially because of what that blog post was, which you can check out here. That blog post was also something that was very much an in the moment thing and I typed it up, copied and pasted the letter and pressed publish all within ten minutes. Okay, so what this is actually about I have moved back to Auckland and I am still getting in a routine although I have been down here for two weeks now and I love Auckland, however, I also can't wait till I have finished my BA so I can move cities. I love exploring new places and I definitely have the next two cities I want to live planned out, literally already started saving for my next move.

Started uni again
Okay, this semester is going to be super stressful although I am prepared for the stress.... well sorta. I am doing my second year of a BA double majoring in Psychology and Politics. It is a slight change from what I was doing although I am so far (I say this a week into this semester) loving it and I really enjoy learning and this semester I am doing papers that are all related to the politics part of my degree which I find a lot more challenging than psychology and something I really enjoy learning about. I have always liked politics and some people in my family are very strongly viewed when it comes to politics, it is also important to understand the politics that happens around us and what is happening so that is why I am doing politics.

I have had a few epiphanies hte last couple of weeks that i will probably talk about in the future so i won't so too much here.

Now lets talk my goals and resolutions

Fitness & Food
Ummmmm what was this new years resolution. Admittedly I have done minimum exercise in the three months more the last two weeks I haven't exercised which makes me a little mad ~awkwardly laughs~ that is something I definitely want to start doing and am going to start doing eeek okay in all seriousness I have put it in my planner for the week because I have a very busy week ahead of me.

The Unknown
I am learning to not convince myself to not do things, which is a process. i am also going to do a blog post on.

My Past
See my last post. umm this is something that I have struggled with and I am definitely learning to come to terms with it. There is definitely a huge part of me the last few weeks that has moved on more from that and I have definitely made a huge leap in improvement in my PTSD and anxiety.

Anxiety & Mental Health
This is something I am continuing on improving and my mental health has definitely improved so much, I have never felt better and my menta health is in the best place it has ever been so yay

Dyeing my hair
This is something that I still want to do however with work it isn't possible at the moment which sucks but oh well. I have however gotten a nose piercing again and shit I am sure that it hurt more the second time also pretty certain it hurt more than both of my tattoos.

10km Charity event
I am planning on doing this in November, howeve,r right at this moment in time there is now way that is happening. I need to start exercising again!!!!

Work, uni, life. It's is a work in progress in order to make this happen.

Are ou on track to completing your new years resolutions? have you been up to anything interesting lately?
Let me know in the comments below

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