Sunday, 19 March 2017

Skincare Tips

Skincare is something that is important and it should be. Today I share with you, my top skincare tips to have glowing, healthy skin.

1. Have a skincare routine and stick to it.
I have a skincare routine that I stick to morning and night. They are both different but equally important. It's important that I have one both in the morning at night because I wear makeup almost every day thus it is important to both prepare my skin when I am putting it on and making sure it is all off when I go to bed each night.

2. It isn't just about your face, your neck, shoulders, elbows and the rest of your body matters too!
Skincare isn't just about taking care of your face, it's also about the rest of your body. It's about shaving/waxing your underarms legs on the regular (If you do at all) not waiting for it to get crazy long, and moisturizing your legs, putting ointment on scars and everything in between skincare is about all of your skin not just your face.

3. Protect your skin ALWAYS.
Always wear sunscreen. I admit that I am not one that does this every day because I have oily skin and don't like how the two react, however, I am on the hunt for a face sunscreen that I can wear every day that will not cause me to breakout so leave your suggestions in the comments below!

4.  Stop eating processed sugar.
Sugar makes you feel gross and breaks out skin, try and reduce the amount of processed sugars you eat and as a result; your body and skin will thank you for it.

5. Dab don't push.
Don't push your skin in all sorts of ways in order to rub in creams. Be soft and lightly dab on creams and lotions or whatever else you put on your skin. This will ensure you don't get premature wrinkles

6. Drink water.
It's good for you and good for your skin.

7. Pillowcases and phones.
When talking on the phone don't hold your phone against your face, instead hold it slightly away from your face. This is because all of the bacteria that is on your phone is going on your face, which is both gross and causes breakouts from the bacteria. Pillowcases; change these every few days. Why? because your face lies on them for approx 8 hours a night, every night and it picks up all the grease from your hair, sweat, and not to mention if you have a pet. Changing your pillowcases on the regular (not just when you wash your sheets) is important. The same goes for hand towels when drying your face. cleansing your face is awesome but if you are drying your face with a hand towel that you dry your hands with after you poop (okay yes they are washed but still ew) enough said use a separate towel.

8. Sleep
Not only for health reasons but also it will help your skin if you get enough sleep every night.

Would you like to see a skincare routine? What is your top skincare tip?
Let me know in the comments below.

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