Wednesday, 21 June 2017

5 Ways You Can Create Balance

Lately, my schedule has gotten crazy busy and I am finding it harder to find time for myself and having a balanced lifestyle. It is important that we take time out for ourselves and understand how important it is to have a good mix of things. Here are ten things I have done to help keep a good life balance.

1. Removed emails from my phone.
I still have my personal emails on my phone for uni related stuff, however, I have removed my blog emails eventually I want to remove emails completely but that will take time. This was an adjustment the first night that I didn't have my emails I had replied to quite a few potentially exciting emails as well as some more boring ones during the day. I was awaiting a reply when I went to bed that night and like anyone my age I scroll on my phone for hours before I go to sleep (I know it's bad for me I'm working on it) and during that time I would normally continually check my emails however, I couldn't do this and I hadn't even realised that I do this. I ended up on my laptop till 1am and when I did finally get to sleep I awoke at 5 am and looked at my phone, tried to check my phone emails and remembered I couldn't. Which yes resulted in me opening my laptop while half asleep to check my emails, were there any? N,o it was 5 am for goodness sake! It has gotten easier over the week although I still find myself on my laptop checking emails which is ridiculous and something I am working on.

2. Take time out for yourself
For me, my 'happy' time is the hour I spend at the beach every Monday morning with my Starbucks, it's simple but with a busy schedule, it is my one hour that I can totally relax and leave the worrying to another time.

3. Take 10mins in the morning to tidy.
This can be anything from making your bed, putting away your washing or doing dishes.  I spend ten minutes every morning tidying up, that means that I have a clean and clear work-space and house for the rest of the day and I can use cleaning as an excuse for not doing work that I need to do. That ten minutes in the morning has also changed the other things I do now if I get something out I put it away immediately because I know will have to do it anyway.

How do you create balance? Do you think it is important to have a work/life balance?
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