Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Snapchat Boys | Dating Series

Dear Snapchat Boys,

Yes, you. The one who messages late at night, sends an unsolicited dick pics, responds to a selfie on my story (when you don't any other time) or messages me snaps me straight after I have posted a selfie of me looking like I have my sh%t together (which I don't) on my story. This is directed at all of you from every girl that has ever had these things happen.

First of all, thank you for acknowledging I look decent but it means nothing. Don't get me wrong it's flattering but just because you tell how good I look and what you want to do to me, doesn't mean that I will go anywhere near you. In fact, this may come as a surprise to you but it actually puts most girls off. I either hardly know you, don't know you or don't want to know you, so DON'T send, me pictures of your penis and only message me when I post selfies.

Let's play out an example of what the average situation is. I post a selfie on my Snapchat story. You reply. I see that you and at least five other guys have messaged me (probably saying the same thing). I roll my eyes at the thought of what you have written. I proceed to open your message because what the hell I have nothing better to do and I've only just opened this bottle of wine, and need the entertainment to accompany it. I see that you have written the same sort of thing you usually do (Shocker, so have the other 5 guys) It is probably something like "hey sexy", "you're looking good", "damn girl" or when your feeling really good about yourself "come to mine tonight" or "I'd show you a good time". I roll my eyes again in the realization that chivalry is dead, then proceed to sipping my wine maybe replying to one or two of to see how long I can entertain and eventually disgust myself at the thought of ever going near a male human being ever again.

You are not that one special guy that puts a smile on my face when I see I have a message from you, you are that guy that makes me roll my eyes when I see a message from you. My first thoughts are what is he saying now, why does he message me. 

Honestly, I don't understand you. I don't understand why you feel you need to send me dick pics, or keep messaging me after I don't reply. 

Every chick who has ever received a dick pic on snapchat


Wednesday, 21 June 2017

5 Ways You Can Create Balance

Lately, my schedule has gotten crazy busy and I am finding it harder to find time for myself and having a balanced lifestyle. It is important that we take time out for ourselves and understand how important it is to have a good mix of things. Here are ten things I have done to help keep a good life balance.

1. Removed emails from my phone.
I still have my personal emails on my phone for uni related stuff, however, I have removed my blog emails eventually I want to remove emails completely but that will take time. This was an adjustment the first night that I didn't have my emails I had replied to quite a few potentially exciting emails as well as some more boring ones during the day. I was awaiting a reply when I went to bed that night and like anyone my age I scroll on my phone for hours before I go to sleep (I know it's bad for me I'm working on it) and during that time I would normally continually check my emails however, I couldn't do this and I hadn't even realised that I do this. I ended up on my laptop till 1am and when I did finally get to sleep I awoke at 5 am and looked at my phone, tried to check my phone emails and remembered I couldn't. Which yes resulted in me opening my laptop while half asleep to check my emails, were there any? N,o it was 5 am for goodness sake! It has gotten easier over the week although I still find myself on my laptop checking emails which is ridiculous and something I am working on.

2. Take time out for yourself
For me, my 'happy' time is the hour I spend at the beach every Monday morning with my Starbucks, it's simple but with a busy schedule, it is my one hour that I can totally relax and leave the worrying to another time.

3. Take 10mins in the morning to tidy.
This can be anything from making your bed, putting away your washing or doing dishes.  I spend ten minutes every morning tidying up, that means that I have a clean and clear work-space and house for the rest of the day and I can use cleaning as an excuse for not doing work that I need to do. That ten minutes in the morning has also changed the other things I do now if I get something out I put it away immediately because I know will have to do it anyway.

How do you create balance? Do you think it is important to have a work/life balance?
Let me know in the comments below 

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

5 Ways To Help Your Skin

I have always struggled with acne since I was around 12 and over the years although it has gotten better I have learnt how to look after my skin. I often notice when I do something out of my normal routine as my face will break out and I will feel like I am 14 again. As I have gotten older I have also learnt how important it is to look after your skin.

1.     Drink more water.
This is so important often we don’t monitor how much water we drink, which often means we don’t drink enough. It’s important to get 8 glasses a day, it also important to cut back on sugar drinks and soda as they are often the reason we break out.

2.     Cleanse morning and night
I didn’t realise how important this one was until I started cleansing my face both morning and night. I started to notice just how much clearer my skin was but not only how much clearer but also brighter and softer. I am also someone who get dark under eyes and cleansing morning and night I have found helps with that.

3.     Take off makeup
I know, it is such a drag. There have been many times I don’t feel like taking my make up off. I work night shift as well so often when I get home I just want to go straight to sleep, however, if I don’t take my make-up I can expect at least three new spots when I wake up which is never a good thing. While taking my make up off will always feel like a chore, I keep make-up wipes next to my bed so for those nights where I really can’t be bothered cleansing and taking my make up off properly I am still ensuring most of my make-up is off and my skin can breathe

4.     Monitor stress levels
When I am stressed I break out, there is no other way to put it. My skin reacts to how I am feeling on the inside so it is important to acknowledge when you are stressed and take the appropriate actions against it. For me; it’s knowing that every Monday morning after I have been to the gym that I can get Starbucks (my naughty treat for the week) and sit by the beach, for you; it might be eating popcorn and watching Netflix. Whatever it may be, remember to set aside time for yourself when you are stressed.

5.     Watch the food you put in your body
If I eat crap my skin looks like crap there is no way around it. If I eat sugary foods or those high in fat my skin will let me know that I haven’t been eating right and it will break out. Therefore, I have learnt to watch what I eat but also giving myself a little treat every now and again because it is about balance and we can’t always be perfect.

What are your skincare tips? Do you agree with mine?
Let me know in the comments below.

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