Friday, 10 February 2017

50 Fun (Mostly) Free Things To Do Alone

YES! You read that right ALONE!! I am single like NEVER been more single in my life and most of my friends aren't which means I often have the choice of been a third/fifth/seventh (you get the point) wheel or I just hang out by myself. Yay for learning to be more independent (this is where my mother says I have always been annoyingly independent). Okay, in all seriousness I like hanging out by myself, I am an incredibly busy person and when I hang out with friends I try and make it at either breakfast, lunch or dinner because I have to eat and so do they thus saving time. That makes me sound like a bad friend, but who doesn't like food! To prove to you I am really busy I have my blog (obviously, you know that), I am also a student and I have a part time job I also travel 4-5 hours each week for therapy. I told you it was a legit reason.

This year to tackle my issues of the 'unknown' I am trying to do something each week that scares me slightly and has unknown 'traits', thus doing fun things ALONE is deffo on that list. Also, I am a uni student I can't afford to do fun expensive things ALONE, like you want cheaper accommodation; get a boyfriend, you want to go on holiday; oh yep its a twin package (yeah, they got you there didn't they). Don't get me wrong I love hanging out with myself but places that charge less or only have twin deals; I hate you! (Sorry, had to be said. Am I right single people or am I right??)

**Sidenote: When I started writing this post I was putting my little sarcastic comments next to each 'activity' then realized not only would this take way too long to write but it would also be extremely boring and long for you to read, thus now only some have my comments (although if you want me to add snarky comments to all of them, let me know in the comments below. )

1. Go to the Beach.
2. Go on some kind of nature walk.
3. Workout hahahaahaha, I know
4. Read a book.
5. Paint your nails.
6. Lie on the grass and listen to music like some cool 80's hippy
7. Watch a movie
9.  Start a garden with vegetables or flowers or herbs. The possibilities are endless.
10. Cook a new recipe using only the ingredients in your cupboard (haven't been shopping in a week? no problem, I'm sure your week old broccoli will taste great!)
11. Meditate
12. Make a goals list
13. Write a letter to literally anybody.
14. Get crafty
15. Ride your bike (that is if you haven't had it in you garage for five years and grown out of it)
16. Clean out your wardrobe and donate the stuff you no longer use, because yay for giving to charity!
17. Pamper time
18. Window shop ALONE
19. Go for a drive
20. Binge watch NETFLIX or some cheap site where you do not have to pay  **Sidenote I am not encouraging illegal downloading of anything!
21. Go to a museum
22. KNIT
23. Learn something new
24. Organize your phone (I know nothing is in folders and it's an absolute mess, sort it out!!)
25. Compliment yourself.
26. Walk your dog.
27. Scream (It is satisfying)
28. Check your emails and REPLY to them
29. Scroll the internet.
30. Read Jokes.
31. Keep doing what you are doing right now.
32. Pick flowers.
33. Clean your house.
34. Do your washing, yes I know you haven't done it in three weeks stop being lazy and do it
35. Do something with your hair; curl it, straighten it, cut it all off, the possibilities are endless.
36. Dance
37. Go onto the Sephora website put everything you could ever want in your basket then press the little X in the corner and remind yourself you can;t afford to buy anything
38. Create a bucket list
39. Meal Prep.
40. Create a budget.
41. Foooooood
42. Swimming
43. Random act of kindness
44. Pinterest, need I say more.
45. Drink WINE (not encouraged if you are legally not allowed, have water instead)
46. Stalk your ex on Social Media.
47. Affirmations (Yes, I mean to stand in the mirror and tell yourself how damn sexy you are.)
48. Go to the park
49. Lie on the floor and think of all those fantastic responsibilities you have and what you should actually be doing.
50. Nap

I am somewhat impressed that I got 50 things down okay I know I cheated with a few but close enough.

What are some free things you love to do? Do you like hanging out alone?
Let me know in the comments below.


  1. I do like sometimes be alone then take my drawing kit and get lost in my mind or run or take a walk by the beach. This is a great article :)

    1. That is an awesome idea, I love walking along the beach especially in the rain ~weird, I know~

  2. Sometimes is good to be alone you need some time to yourself to organise the ideas! Great post! Thank you!


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