Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Getting Fit and Healthy

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You can check out the post that I talk about my new years resolutions here and my 2017 bucket list here.

Getting fit has been something I have wanted to do for a while. I use to be fit, play sport, go running and all of that crap, but I got depression and all of that stopped and that is literally my only excuse. Fitness to me is being able to do what you want when you want. Going on a run Sunday Morning because you can and want to. Just being able to do shit without thinking will I die? (Sorry, just being real).

This is complicated, okay not really but whatever. I want to start eating whole healthy foods. I also want to cut out red meat (eventually white, and seafood etc.) and slowly eventually making my way to plant based. I don't know if that will happen but it is something that I at this very moment in time want to do. In a year or 3 months if I don't want to anyone I won't but at the moment I am heading that direction. I am currently full of dairy and meaty goodness, and am taking SMALL steps. For example I am attempting to make the rest of January a red meat free zone (bare in mind I am writing this on the 7th so don't go saying its only a week) I will see how that goes then carry out or change or whatever I decide. I have already cut out junk food (homemade pizza doesn't count, so shut up). Good things take time and changing my diet overnight isn't something I plan to do.

In terms of fitness I am starting to walk a few times a week, I also have plans to do a 12km walk or run (haven't decided yet) this year which gives me something to work towards. I am excited to be at the same fitness point I was at  a few years ago. I want to go out and explore different places by foot and just live life and be happy and all that crap. I am also going to start at home yoga and pilates to help with that whole thang.

I feel like people that know me are going to be like it also wouldn't kill you to loose a few kgs. Yes ok I know I have gained weight in the last few years. I KNOW. Obviously, this is something that will happen as I get healthy and fitter but in all complete honesty it's not something I am like this is what I want to do. I want to be happy, healthy and fit. I want to feel good and I would be happy loosing weight but at the end of the day just because I loose weight doesn't mean that I will instantly be happy. Happiness I think will come with being healthy and fit, which to me is more important.

If you have any advice or are on a health and fitness journey as well feel free to flick me an email at and pop HEALTH AND FITNESS, NEW YEAR in the subject thing.

Do you have any health and fitness goals for this year, if so what are they?
Let me know in the comments below.


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