Wednesday, 30 November 2016


Niue is an amazing place to visit. The scenery is incredible and the people are lovely. It's definitely different to anywhere else I have been.

I love how untouched the Island is, in comparison to Rarotonga; Niue isn't commercialized and has only a small shopping area that is really only for necessities. Everything is very down to earth. 

The fish while snorkelling are amazing, as is the coral. There are also coconut crabs all over the island that predominantly come out at night, but are amazing if you see them. The fishing is on a whole other level. We went on a fishing charter early one morning and three of us caught 8 Tuna within an hour, yea when I say the fishing is a whole other level I mean it!

The pools and the caves are incredible all around the island. You could literally spend a three or four days just going to all the pools and caves.... and We did. Once We were in some of the caves I started to regret the amount of horror movies I have watched, but nonetheless they were beautiful.

What's your next holiday destination? Do you prefer sun or snow?
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