Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Five Everyday Make Up Products I’m Currently Loving // November 2016 | Beauty


I thought that I would share with all of you some of my favourite make up products that I use every day. I have a lot of Make Up that I love and tend to only buy make up that I am in love with, but these are the ones that I use every day and are a part of my staple look.

Chanel CC Cream Correction Complete  – I bought this CC Cream before I went overseas earlier this year. I wanted something that was going to be moisturizing and felt really light on my skin. I honestly didn’t think this was going to turn into a product that I would start to use every day, mainly because I didn’t believe this product wouldn’t be worth the price (I was proven wrong). The amount of coverage is also pretty impressive, which I wasn’t expecting but am really pleased about because my face has a tendency to break out.

Chanel Stylo Eyeshadow 157 Beige Doré  – I love this eye shadow, the main reason being that it takes 30 seconds to put it on, meaning my makeup routine doesn’t take as long. The staying power of this eye shadow is also somewhat impressive and can last really long days. My longest day starts at 7am and finishes around 1 am, and it lasts intact the entire day. If you would like a blog post on how I use this eye shadow comment below. (This eye shadow is limited edition and has sold out in this colour)

ColourPop Ultra Matte LAX  – This was a rush purchase and I definitely didn’t know that it would become a favorite of mine. I have always been and probably always will be a staple lip kind of girl and this definitely achieves that look. It also has a really nice formula.

Elizabeth Arden Lipstick 36 Iced Grape  -  If I want something a little more dulled down and classic this is the lipstick I will lean toward. This lipstick has an amazing texture, and feels amazing on your lips, the staying power is also impressive. I have quite a few lipsticks from Elizabeth Arden and I think the oldest one I have is two years old, and the formula has definitely changed and has gotten quite waxy. However, that same lipstick is pretty much all gone, and I have repurchased another one in the same colour thus proving it is still definitely a favorite. Elizabeth Arden lipsticks are definitely a go to because of their formula and diverse range of colours.

Real Techniques Contour Brush   Although this technically isn't a make up product, I cannot live without this brush for when I am contouring. Previously I have always been a beauty blender and one brush kind of gal, although the day I bought my real techniques brushes is the day I will never actually go back to having just one brush.

What are your make up staples? Are you a bold lip or bold eye kinda person?
Tell me in the comments below.


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