Monday, 10 July 2017

7 Tips To a Great Semester

1. Plan Ahead
At the beginning of the semester it is easy to be organized however throughout the semester we often get unorganized and what was a beautifully planned out planner has turned into notes scribbled for classes and appointments in your planner and some in your phone and some on scrap pieces of paper at the bottom of you bag that you will never find ever again.

2. Keep Active
It is important to get enough exercise and to go outdoors in order to keep your mind clear. I also find when I don't exercise I get jittery and it becomes all I can think about which I know it sounds really weird.

3. Eat Right.
If you eat the right food, you will feel different. Mind clearer and all of that. Seriously though eating right will make you feel better and more focused.

4. Develop goals.
Set goals for yourself at the beginning of the semester and keep yourself accountable to them throughout the semester. This will mean you are more productive and who doesn't love achieving a goal they have set for themselves. It will also mean that you have to stay more organized in order to help accomplish these goals, which is never a bad thing.

5. get to know people in your classes.
I know I rolled my eyes when I wrote this one too. Don't get me wrong in some classes I have friends but other classes honestly I want to go to the class and leave as soon as it's over. If you wait for me outside of class and try and talk to me, I will get away as soon as possible and I will find you creepy (I may or may not be referring to a specific person here). Having people that you not only know but also get along with in class is helpful because if you miss class which happens you have someone there that can take notes for you and also you can study together during exam time.

6. Go to class.
Need I say anything more?

7. Be smart about class readings
You and I both know right now that you aren't going to do the class readings, you might not even buy the text book. However, I recommend that you at least briefly skim over readings and make side notes, because this can be helpful for exams and assignments. I am going to be totally honest I don't think I have ever done a class reading and I have had to discuss some of those readings in class and been given decent grades on those discussions, so trust me it is about being smart with readings.

What are your best school tips? Do you follow any of these?
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  1. Thanks for this post Paige, it was very useful and I completely agree with everything you said. I love how you go into detail with each point, it has put me at ease about going back to school in September :)

    1. My blog is if you wanna check it out 💗


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