Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Snapchat Boys | Dating Series

Dear Snapchat Boys,

Yes, you. The one who messages late at night, sends an unsolicited dick pics, responds to a selfie on my story (when you don't any other time) or messages me snaps me straight after I have posted a selfie of me looking like I have my sh%t together (which I don't) on my story. This is directed at all of you from every girl that has ever had these things happen.

First of all, thank you for acknowledging I look decent but it means nothing. Don't get me wrong it's flattering but just because you tell how good I look and what you want to do to me, doesn't mean that I will go anywhere near you. In fact, this may come as a surprise to you but it actually puts most girls off. I either hardly know you, don't know you or don't want to know you, so DON'T send, me pictures of your penis and only message me when I post selfies.

Let's play out an example of what the average situation is. I post a selfie on my Snapchat story. You reply. I see that you and at least five other guys have messaged me (probably saying the same thing). I roll my eyes at the thought of what you have written. I proceed to open your message because what the hell I have nothing better to do and I've only just opened this bottle of wine, and need the entertainment to accompany it. I see that you have written the same sort of thing you usually do (Shocker, so have the other 5 guys) It is probably something like "hey sexy", "you're looking good", "damn girl" or when your feeling really good about yourself "come to mine tonight" or "I'd show you a good time". I roll my eyes again in the realization that chivalry is dead, then proceed to sipping my wine maybe replying to one or two of to see how long I can entertain and eventually disgust myself at the thought of ever going near a male human being ever again.

You are not that one special guy that puts a smile on my face when I see I have a message from you, you are that guy that makes me roll my eyes when I see a message from you. My first thoughts are what is he saying now, why does he message me. 

Honestly, I don't understand you. I don't understand why you feel you need to send me dick pics, or keep messaging me after I don't reply. 

Every chick who has ever received a dick pic on snapchat


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