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Gift Guide: Beauty & Fragrance // December 2016 | Blogmas Day 8

The thing I struggle most with at this time of the year is buying gifts for people, while I love buying the gifts and watching the look on their faces when they open them, it doesn't make the whole looking for and buying gifts any easier. I always struggle to find the perfect gift. This is the first gift guide in a series of Christmas gift guides.

1.  Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Eau de Parf Gift Set, $196. I think perfume is the perfect gift, it's such a luxurious and intimate gift. I think this one would be perfect for a young adult or teenager. Although if you are giving to someone slightly older that doesn't have a signature perfume, I suggest getting miniatures set from a brand where you get 3-5 miniature perfumes as they can choose the one they prefer and go out and purchase that one. 

2. The Aromatherapy Co. Therapy Coffee Balm & Scrub Gift Set, $44.99.  I think this is the perfect gift for all the mums out there. Often our mums don't get to spend time for themselves to relax and unwind thus this the perfect gift not only for this time of the year but all year round.

3. Lancome Absolu Voyage Make Up Palette, $149. I am personally obsessed with this palette and would be 100%content if I happen to get this for Christmas. This palette is perfect because if you travel a lot on overnight trips it doesn't take up much room. At the moment I will admit I travel with three makeup bags (give me a chance to defend myself) I have one for all the boring stuff like toothbrush, toothpaste and all that, my second makeup bag has by travel hair dryer, dry shampoo, basically just my hair stuff and the third makeup bag has all of my make up in and on occasion I have been known to turn this one bag of makeup into two, which I know is ridiculous. If you're like me or know somebody that is like me that goes away on short trips all the time then this is the perfect gift, I've convinced myself to buy this palette by writing this and have just added it to my cart, oops.

4. Real Techniques Core Collection Set, $25.  If you read my makeup I am currently loving post which you can check out here, you will know exactly why I think this is the perfect gift. It is also more affordable than the other options as well as a must have in every beauty lovers makeup bag. 

5. ElizabethArden Eight Hour Cream Gift Set, . Anybody who knows me knows how obsessed I am with the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. This would be perfect for anybody who loves Elizabeth Arden or loves skincare. Another gift that I would love for myself.

6. Tru Spa Men's Bathing Essentials Gift Set, $16.99. Just as women deserve to be pampered so do men. This is the perfect male pamper set for any guy who loves a bath. This set comes with a 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner, body wash and an aftershave face balm. This is also extremely affordable gift which I always love.

7 & 8. Calvin Klein Mens Mini Gift Set, $69 & Versace Deluxe Mini Collection Men Gift Set, $75. I put these two together because I feel like they have the same idea but are just different brand. Same deal as what I said for the ladies. This is a great gift if you know they like the brand but they don't have a signature cologne. I love these two brands and these scents. If I was a guy I would definitely love either of these sets.

9. Clarins Men Hydration & Cleansing Set, $100. This is another gift that if I was a guy I would absolutely love. This is the perfect gift for any guy who loves skincare. This is definitely the definition of the perfect gift set.

10. Natio Cruise Set for Men, $29. This is a more affordable still amazing male skincare set, also a perfect gift for any man who loves skincare although this is a more afforable option rather than the Clarins alternative.

What are you going to buy any of the Beauty and fragrance lovers in your life? Are you going to use any of these suggetions?
Let me know in the comments below.


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