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Christmas Traditions // December 2016 | Blogmas Day 14

Christmas traditions although they aren't something the is still relevant in my family as we have all grown up we had some as children and there are other I definitely want to have with my children (that is if I have children).

Christmas Eve.
When my sister and I were younger we would go to sleep pretty early because everyone knows the early you sleep the faster Santa will arrive. Yes, I now know that isn't actually the case but nonetheless it was still something that happened.
This year however I don't live with my parents, instead i am flatting with my sister. My intentions this year and for many more to come are to get a new pair of Christmas pyjamas make hot chocolate sit in bed and watch Christmas movies till 2am. This is something I want to do with my future children as well although with them it will be a Christmas book and definitely not till 2am.

Christmas Day.
As kids, my father milked cows which would mean he would get up early to go to milk them and he wouldn't get back till around 9-10am. Being children my sister and I got up at 6am so the whole waiting till 9-10am for him to get home really didn't sit well which typically meant that every year we would be able to choose one present from Santa to open before he got home. My sister and my restlessness must have paid off because this became somewhat of a tradition. However as we got older and as traditions change, I would get up at 4am or whatever time it was to go and help milk the cows. I'm not crazy I had a plan behind me because I got up early Christmas morning anyway and the sooner the cows are milked the sooner we get to open presents so really it is a win-win all round.
This year there will be new traditions, for the last four years my sister hasn't lived at home but I have so she would come over in the morning and celebrate Christmas with us however this year I am flatting with my sister for the summer and therefore my sister, her partner and myself will be going over to my parents. My sisters partners family will also be joining us there and it will be a smaller than usual Christmas but I am sure it is still going to be a lovely Christmas.

Boxing Day and the day after.
In our family we have never been ones to go boxing day shopping, more the day after boxing day shoppers. The sales are still on and there are a lot less people thus less havoc. This means that boxing day is typically a clean up after Christmas kind of day, which although boring is productive. The day after we typically would then go to Auckland to go shopping and every year we would get a new pillow in the boxing day sales a small tradition I know but trust me every year We would look forward to our new pillow.

There on after.
After that the packing of the tree begins and I start planning next years Christmas. I am both a Christmas and planning obsessive thus, this is only a natural reaction. I also like to write a letter to myself to open the same time the next year. In the letter I will have goals, dreams, where I see myself and anything else I can think of. I also read the previous years in order to remind myself how far i have come. This year I am posting my 'New Year, Same Me' blog post on the 28th of December then I will be taking a break from blogging until the 6th of January where I will continue my normal blog schedule of Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

This post was a collaboration with Hannah, from Surviving Medicine you can check out her Christmas Traditions here.

What are your Christmas Traditions? Are you starting any new traditions this year?
Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Aww I loved this. I agree traditions have changed since I was a young child but I can't wait to bring some of them back when I have my own family :)
    I hope you meant 6th of January! Not almost a whole year off blogging?!

    1. Thank you! Whoops, I don't know how that slipped past my proof reading, I did mean January not December! Thank you.


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