Sunday, 4 December 2016

Christmas Party Tips and Prep Routine // December 2016 | Blogmas Day 4

I had a Christmas party last weekend (I know it was early okay, I am busy stop judging me!) and it actually went pretty well, thus I thought I would share some little tips for you and my Christmas Party Day Routine. I was actually working on the day of my Christmas party (gotta pay those bills somehow) so this isn't the routine I kept to although in a perfect world it would have been.

Christmas Party Tips

  • Plan! I am a compulsive planner so have a plan and what you need to do and when you plan to do it.
  • Buy everything in advance. Nobody has time to go shopping for the food you need on the day so do it in advance
  • Christmas Playlist. Make sure you have compiled a Playlist in advance so you don't have to worry about music when everyone arrives.

On the day

8am: Food Prep.
Make sure you eat as well, but also get that food prep under way. Start making dips and all those things that either need time in the fridge or freezer or need to be cooked. Try and stick with foods that okay cold so you don't have to worry about it being hot when all the guest arrive. For food I had chips, dip, cheese, crackers, Christmas brownies, candy canes, popcorn and lots more easy finger food. Let me know in the comments below if you want me to do a blog post on finger food ideas for Christmas parties.

11am Decorate. 
At this point hopefully most of the food is cooked and its just little things that need doing. Send the next hour or so doing little bits like decorating and cleaning the house. Also if you need to move furniture around to make sure there is heaps of space for dancing and all that other fun party stuff.

12:30pm Lunch Break 
It's important to still have time to take a break grab some food and admire all the work you have already done.

1pm Finish Food Prep.
Finish all your food prep put stuff on the table (except for meats which you can take out just before everybody arrives.) also make any drinks that you plan to. Don't add ice yet because it'll melt!

3pm Clean up
Clean up all the stuff you have used to set up and vacuum again to make sure it's nice and clean. don't be too pressed about this though because it is going to get dirty over the night.

3:30pm Shower and make up.
Make yourself feel and look amazing. Take a shower, do your hair, apply some make up, and put on a sexy outfit.

6pm Final touches
Relax. Poor yourself a glass of wine. Add the ice to any drinks, and pull the meats out of the fridge. Make sure everything is perfect and start playing that music.

7pm Party
enough said

Are you having a Christmas party? Did you find this post helpful?
Let me know in the comments below.



  1. Nice post! I would love to see some finger food recipe ideas, I'm planning a Christmas party soon! Thanks for sharing.

    xxxx from Emily //

    1. Awesome! You can check out the Christmas themed finger food I made on Blogmas Day 13, hope it helps!


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